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Dear Fana Members / Guests 

Was that our Summer? I do hope not, however, as I sit here and write this update today I can see the beautiful site of heavy rain through the window, and after two weeks of incredible weather this is a welcome relief. The rain over the next week will quickly recover the dry patch throughout the fairways, and to help things along we will apply a wetting agent which will allow the water to move down through to the roots of the plant and hold it there. 

The Greens are running well this week and performance data showed 10-10.25ft and 95 Clegg on the Wednesday medal. The priority now is to improve ball roll, trueness and smoothness, this will be done with further verticutting and topdressing. 

The new tees have received their second cut, next week they will receive a cut with a cylinder mower, followed by a topdress. Progress is good and opening of the new tees is expected during the next 2-3 weeks.

Happy golfing.