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Dear Fana Members / Guests 

The rain is continuing to fall, interspersed with some hours of beautiful Sun, perfect growing conditions. The rain has been used in conjunction with the wetting agent programme, all surfaces under this programme has seen fast recovery from the drought conditions. The additional benefit of using a wetting agent programme is the improved penetration and infiltration rates, this pays dividends during rainfall by creating firmer playing surfaces with reduced surface water. 

Greens are performing well, current height of cut (HOC) is 3.5mm, closing in on the Summer HOC range between 3 - 3.2mm depending on weather conditions. The plant growth regulator programme on greens and approaches commenced last week. If I am allowed to get slightly more technical for a moment - the products within our plant growth regulator programme slow the production of gibberellic acid, a plant hormone which promotes cell elongation. Vertical growth is slowed, whilst lateral growth and below ground growth of rhizomes, stolons, tillers, and roots are stimulated. What does this mean in the real world for golfers? It means a consistent green speed throughout the day, early morning through late evening, and an improved ball roll.

Work on the new tees continues, the tees now having full grass coverage allows us to concentrate on surface smoothness and reducing height of cut. Using the rain topdressing applications have been applied. Height of cut will begin to be reduced during the following week. 

Next week the weather looks to be turning for the better, time to welcome back the Sun. 

Happy golfing.